~I long for you~

posted on 10 Sep 2009 10:36 by lemoneko99

I know that we are apart for an imperative reason,
but nothing will be more imperative for me than..
..to miss you each day..

If only i could shrink the calender..
..fasten the clocks..
..make the day shorter!

I jus can't bare to be away from you for too long. It's too sad :(

It's true that we've been separated only for a short period of time..
but just days ago, we were together, holding hands,
laughting & happy with each others.

It's true that we've been apart for just a little while,
but it's already starting to hurt being away from you.
Coz your presence is more than my essencial..
..gives warmth to my soul..
..happiness to my heart..
..treasure memories to my mind..
..and allows me to dream..even when i'm awake.

It maybe true that it practically hasn't been long we're apart,
but still..i always need you by my side..
..like a plant needs sun to live..

I miss my sunshine, I miss you :)

*Wish we be back together sooner not later >_<,
*Wish dad get well soon too~~~




Really sweet, almost make me cry

Till I have one moment think that where you quoted it from? hahaha

I can't write my feeling as good as you coz now I can't let myself down for anything - -"

Even when you left, I felt so blue but I have to get over it.
Because there's no one to comfort me anymore.

But I can get over it just because I still can call you, not like last time that I didn't have any chance to contact you. I can only wait which I hate that -"- such an impatient child.

Wish your dad get well soon,
and wish the day we can be together come soon too ^^

#1 By Nashi on 2009-09-10 18:41